Homeschool Kids Sports
(Open Gym & Classes)

for all ages

Looking for fun ways to help your homeschooled kids nab their PE credit? Or, to just have some fitness and play time with other like-minded families?!

Springfield Warrior Sports has you covered!

We offer open gym and class opportunities for homeschoolers to stay active, fulfil their PE credit requirements, and most of all, have fun. Kids get to connect with peers, challenge themselves to improve their athletic performance, and gain new experiences.

Our homeschool programs in Springfield, MO provide sports opportunities your homeschooler will love. Keep reading for all the details!

Fun Homeschool Sports for Kids in Springfield MO

For homeschool kids, Springfield Warrior Sports offers both an open gym option (this is similar to regular open gym, but is only available during daytime hours so homeschooled kids have dedicated access) and classes.


  • Availability: Tuesdays
  • Hours: 12–2pm
  • Cost: $10 per person (Free for members!)


(AGES 6–18)

The Springfield Warrior Sports Junior Warrior Classes are the perfect way to get your six through eighteen-year-old homeschoolers active and embracing a healthy lifestyle.

Classes incorporate cardio, strength, balance, and agility training while teaching safe and productive ways to conquer the different obstacles in the gym.

Kids progress through program Levels 1-9 as they accomplish the skills required in each level. This is a great way to challenge your kids and encourage your children to stay active!

Availability: Tuesdays and Thursdays

  • Availability: Tuesdays and Thursdays
  • Hours: 3–4pm
  • Cost: One class per week, $95 monthly. Up to three classes per week, $125 monthly.

Come Join the Fun!

Homeschoolers have the unique opportunity to enjoy exciting activities at Springfield Warrior Sports.

With time specifically dedicated to helping homeschoolers excel in their athletic goals, embrace an active lifestyle, and connect with other kids their age, this is a chance for homeschool kids to experience the most fun school year ever.

Call (417) 894-7319 for more information, or click here to book a trial class for only $ 5.