New Junior Warrior Program starts in May!!!

Junior Warriors


Our new junior warriors program is geared towards teaching young ninjas the importance of healthy living through an active lifestyle.   Classes will be geared towards teaching the most productive and safe way to conquer the different obstacles, taught by some of the best ninjas from the show American Ninja Warrior.   The Junior Ninjas start off as a Yellow shirt ninja, and when they conquer the prescribed obstacles, they will move on to the orange shirt, then the red shirt, followed by the Purple shirt and blue shirt.   All classes will be taught by qualified and trained Junior Warrior coaches.   There are only a certain number of spots in each class to keep our ninja/coach ratio at a good number, so sign up as soon as possible.  To enroll in the classes or for more information, please contact Andy Mariage at 417-894-7319 or stop by the gym during any of our business hours.  


$125- 1 month (12 sessions = $10.41 per session)

$110- 3 month contract (36 sessions = $9.16 per session)

$100- 6 month contract (72 sessions = $8.33 per session)

$90- 9 month contract (108 sessions = $7.50 per session)

$75- 12 month contract (144 sessions = 6.25 per session)

Auto Payment setup 1st of each month


Junior Warriors will meet after school at 4pm, 5pm, or 6 pm for 1 hour each session- Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays every month.   

Program includes:

12 coaching sessions per month, open gym membership with individual attention from coaches when available, Junior Warrior competitions, Prizes, and T-shirts.   

Program will begin on May 4, 2015


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