Our Classes


Junior Warriors

This class is geared towards teaching kids the importance of healthy living through an active lifestyle.  Classes will incorporate cardio, strength, balance and agility training while teaching the most productive and safe way to conquer different obstacles in the gym. 

All classes are taught by qualified and trained Junior Warrior coaches.  The kids will start with a Yellow shirt, then progress through Red, Purple, Orange, and Blue as they test into the next level. 

Recommended ages for Junior Warriors: 6-13 years old

$80 a month for one class a week, $125/month unlimited classes.  Both rates include an open gym membership. 


Monday – Wednesday - Friday
4-5pm or 5-6pm

Girls Class: Monday and Wednesday 6pm - 7pm

Homeschool Class: Thursday 1-2pm

My son attends the class for kids at Warrior Sports. He's gained strength and stamina through the classes. We also had my son's birthday party here, and all the kids who attended had a blast.      - Katie D. 



This class is designed to teach the basics of Parkour (free running).  Our instructor will guide students as they gain the ability to move freely - with and without obstacles - using the abilities of the body.  This will be accomplished primarily through running, jumping, climbing and quadrupedal movement.  Classes will focus on physical conditioning and Parkour skills, and learning how to put various techniques together.  Experience the non competitive mental and physical challenge while building strength, speed, stamina, and balance in a controlled environment.  




included with your gym membership or $15 drop in rate